ELD (Hours of Service)

Excell Telematics is a complete ELD Compliant solution provider. Our high-quality hardware combined with our ET ELD App™ is  not only FMCSA Compliant, but a Cost effective, State of the Art, Electronic Driver Logs Solution that will simplify the new complex rule sets that have been released by the DOT.

ELDs doesn't have to be in your way of productivity. Those Excell Telematics customers, from small fleet to very large fleet business that were concerned ELD will cut into their revenue and profits now admit how easy the transition has been and how it has actually helped them improve productivity and make life a bit easier.

As one customer that was hesitant, but ultimately decided to install on all its 150 trucks put it: " “The way the hours of service rules are set up, if you’re going to efficiently work that, then you have to plan for a five-day week,” says D. Swayne, President of the trucking company. “And that’s very easy then to have that sixth day, or the seventh day, or second shifts available to have more than one driver per truck. That’s a major improvement in productivity, when you plan that way.”

According to Swayne, "the carriers that are having a problem with ELDs and are afraid of them cutting their productivity as we were, are the same ones that are not effectively using their technology, or who don’t have the ability to plan."

With Excell Telematics, you have the option to get the complete solution with all the hardware and services into one cost effective package, or pick and chose what you will need to be fully compliant.

Don't wait till the last minute and risk getting caught.

  • All new Rule Sets including Sate Variances and Exception Rule Sets
  • Advanced Alerting and Notification System letting users know before compliance errors
  • Automated duty status changes and electronic
  • Driver logs help driver through their day
  • Restart Rules, Rest Breaks and Sleeper Berth Provisions are included
  • ET ELD App saves time and money to help Motor Carriers increase profits!