Tracking devices on Excell Telematics Platform a technological advancement that has done more than simply assisted businesses and citizens in tracking their personal property. Many businesses have benefited from GPS tracking devices through more effective vehicle tracking on their company cars. Thus, it has enabled many businesses to hold their employees accountable when driving their vehicle fleet for business purposes. However, these devices have also assisted government authorities in a number of ways as well.

Government implemented GPS tracking technology to assist their procedures. Convicted criminals who are put in supervised programs have been restricted with these devices to properly track their whereabouts. 

  • Data Security: Excell Telematics Software is designed with tough security features built in, our GPS Platform ensures that your private fleet/vehicle/asset data is kept secure at all times, perfect for sensitive government fleet tracking.
  • Complete Report Suite: Our Software Platform backend has a robust reporting framework providing access to a wealth of data for streamlined operations and critical information gathering including driver safety, vehicle utilization and more.
  • Security Manager:  ET Platform gives admins complete control and permissions over which areas, features and tools each system user is allowed to access.